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  1. Des mots et des maths

    Des mots et des maths

    Danielle RUELLAND-ROGER – 2019

    The book presents an analysis of work that provokes, in teachers, surprises and affects, invites to professional controversies that build new resources to think and face trade problems.

    12.00 €
  2. Dialogues d’histoire ancienne 45/1

    Dialogues d’histoire ancienne 45/1

    COLLECTIF – 2019

    The journal is aimed at an informed public in the field of classical studies. This biannual international multilingual journal includes scholarly articles, chronicles, book reviews, brief notes, abstracts, and keywords. It issues two or three yearly supplements.

    40.00 €
  3. Dumas-journaliste_couverture

    Un mousquetaire du journalisme : Alexandre Dumas

    Sarah MOMBERT – Corinne SAMINADAYAR-PERRIN (edit. director) – 2019

    Passionately involved in journalism, Alexandre Dumas has practiced almost all the media genres of his time: he thus defends the democratic ideal of a popular, interactive literature that is part of the present struggles.

    25.00 €
  4. Œuvres d'Ernest Coumet (t. 2)

    Œuvres d'Ernest Coumet (t. 2)

    Catherine GOLDSTEIN (ed.) – 2019

    Ernest Coumet’s thesis, published for the first time on the history of combinatorics in France in the seventeeth century and its links with the history of music and the search for a universal language.

    39.00 €
  5. Dedans dehors

    Dedans dehors

    Karolina KATSIKA (edit. director) – 2019

    The book brings together studies that analyze the window, as an object and a symbol, in literature and the arts (painting, photography, theatre, cinema, architecture).

    25.00 €
  6. Crime, Punishment and the Scots

    Crime, Punishment and the Scots

    Jean BERTON – Bill FINDLAY (edit. director) – 2019

    How crime and punishment are defined and managed is central to our shared sense of humanity. And both accountability and fairness are at the heart of our concerns. Although the distinctiveness of the Scots’ relationship to crime and its punishment is well documented the aim of the present study is to analyse it as an aspect of Scottishness. In this modest contribution to research, political decisions, historical facts and cultural metaphors are reviewed from the archetypal character of Mary, Queen of Scots, to vibrant Tartan Noir, thanks to Laidlaw and his peers.

    21.00 €
  7. Couverture-INDEX-Antiphon

    Index thématique de l’esclavage : Antiphon

    Domingo PLACIDO SUAREZ – 2019

    The work of this Attic orator is essential to understand how in the political, judicial and philosophical debates the question of slavery was a central element in the designation of civic issues.

    16.00 €
  8. Abécédaire de la chirurgie de l’obésité

    Abécédaire de la chirurgie de l’obésité

    Pierre PEUTEUIL (edit. director) – 2019

    This lexicon for bariatric surgery is a transposition of the approach developed by a pluridisciplary team of specialists for over 15 years for the treatment of massive obesity in Franche-Comté.

    16.00 €
  9. Formes et dispositions du texte théâtral du symbolisme à aujourd'hui

    Formes et dispositions du texte théâtral du symbolisme à aujourd'hui


    This collective work examines the ways in which theatre is written from symbolism to the present day. Why do playwrights play on the space of the page? Is the project literary, poetic or dramatic?


    21.00 €
  10. La République jusqu’à la mort

    La République jusqu’à la mort

    Jean-Claude BARBIER – Marc-Olivier BARUCH (preface by) – 2019

    This biography presents the dramatic personal and professional life of Alfred Golliard (1881-1944). Prefect of Jura (1934-1940), a radical dismissed by Vichy, he was an important member of the Cluny Resistance, deported and put to death by gas.

    29.00 €
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