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  1. Colonne du temple extra-urbain d’Héra au Cap Lacinium_couverture-montel

    La question de l’espace au IVe siècle avant J.-C. dans les mondes grec et étrusco-italique : continuités, ruptures, reprises

    Sophie MONTEL – Airton POLLINI (edit. director) – 2018

    This collective volume focuses on the question of space in the fourth century BC. The different spaces of the Greek city are considered, their history, their functions, but also the figurative representations found in the Greek and Etruscan-Italic worlds.

    30.00 €
  2. La formation d’une opinion démocratique

    La formation d’une opinion démocratique

    Pierre MERLIN – 2018

    Based on little-studied archives, this book recounts the living history of democratic learning in Jura from the revolution of 1848 – and the repression it caused – until the end of the 19th century.

    25.00 €
  3. GIREA 37_couverture

    Hermenéutica de la esclavitud

    Ricardo MARTÍNEZ LACY (edit. coord.) – 2018

    This volume which includes communications which were presented during the XXXVIIth international colloquium of the GIREA contains new proposals for the understanding of the slavery so old as modern.

    35.00 €
  4. Le malade et la décision médicale

    Le malade et la décision médicale

    Thierry MARTIN (edit. director) – 2018

    With which difficulties there runs up the exercise of the illuminated assent and of the autonomy of the sick recruit who takes part in the choice of his treatment? These questions are studied here by specialists, jurists, doctors, philosophers and psychologists

    13.00 €
  5. Couverture Ploog Emmêler & Démêler

    Emmêler & démêler la parole

    Katja PLOOG – Sophie MARIANI-ROUSSET – Séverine EQUOY HUTIN (edit. director) – 2018

    This book addresses the relationship of care from a multidisciplinary perspective in the Human Sciences. It considers the functioning of words in context in a wide variety of spheres and offers testimonials from professionals.

    19.00 €
  6. Semen 45

    Semen 45

    Marie-Laure FLOREA – Adeline WRONA (edit. coord.) – 2018

    The publication studies the transformations of funerary discourse under the digital influence. Have traditional practices of grief been modified by the Internet and the new media?

    18.50 €
  7. Revue internationale d’Histoire Militaire Ancienne – HiMA 8, 2019

    Revue internationale d’Histoire Militaire Ancienne – HiMA 8, 2019

    COLLECTIF – 2020

    The international journal HiMA is aimed at an informed public –scholars– in the field of Military History, War and Societies in the ancient worlds (Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Late Antiquity). This annual international multilingual journal includes scholarly articles, chronicles, book reviews, brief notes, abstracts, and keywords. It issues two or three yearly supplements.

    25.00 €
  8. De Vesontio à Besançon, tous les chemins passent par Rome

    De Vesontio à Besançon, tous les chemins passent par Rome

    Bénédicte Baudoin – Damienne Bonnamy (edit. coord.) – Jean-Louis Fousseret (preface by) – 2020

    Roman remains in the bisontine family cellar will mark P. Pfister, priest. Around 1930, he made casts in the Roman catacombs, which were now on display in the Diocesan Centre. The links between Besançon and Rome gave rise to a symposium.

    30.00 €
  9. Rencontre autour de Bruno Bachimont

    Rencontre autour de Bruno Bachimont

    Michaël CREVOISIER – Fabien FERRI – Carole WIDMAIER (edit. director) – 2020

    These are the proceedings of the second phase of the Doctoral Workshops "Philosophy and Sciences" held on the 4th and 5th of October 2017 in Besançon. Young researchers gathered around Bruno Bachimont question the impact technology has on philosophical thought.

    10.00 €

    8.00 €
  10. couverture Semen 47

    Semen 47

    Fabienne BAIDER – Maria CONSTANTINOU (edit. coord.) – 2020

    The contributions of this special issue  investigate linguistic and semiotic manifestations of covert hate speech and counter-narratives within different genres (digital communication; journalistic, political and institutional discourses;   testimonies viewed here as alternative discourse).

    18.50 €