Dialogue d'Histoire Ancienne

Editor: Antonio Gonzales

Website : https://ista.univ-fcomte.fr

Dialogues d’Histoire Ancienne (DHA) is a multilingual international semiannual journal (with a three-tiered editorial board) devoted to ancient history and classical studies. Since its founding by Pierre Lévêque in 1974, it has been a site for discussion and debate for specialists of antiquity with the most diverse scholarly backgrounds. Since 2005, it has issued two or three yearly supplements It is sponsored by the Institut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales of the CNRS and published and distributed by the Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté. It features scholarly articles, summaries of events, book reviews, and brief notes. It includes a table of contents, abstracts, and keywords. Articles are submitted to the editorial committee for approval before going through peer-review (two outside experts, a third one if arbitration is needed) in blind copy, in keeping with procedures agreed upon by the editorial committee.

  1. Dialogues d'Histoire Ancienne 02

    Dialogues d'Histoire Ancienne 02

    COLLECTIF – 1976

    40.00 €
  2. Dialogues d'Histoire Ancienne 01

    Dialogues d'Histoire Ancienne 01

    COLLECTIF – 1974

    28.00 €
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