Annales littéraires

Editor: France Marchal-Ninosque (Catherine Chedeau, deputy)

The Annales littéraires collection succeeds the service of the same name created in 1954 at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of the University of Besançon. This collection presents a rich catalogue and is structured in about fifteen series, including four journals, supported by research teams covering largely the humanities and social sciences field.

  1. couverture de l'ouvrage Genèse in vivo d'Héloïse CABIRON

    Genèse in vivo

    Héloïse CABIRON – 2021

    This book explores the genesis of a contemporary novel through his manuscript, but also by constantly dialoguing with the author. Between trust and suspicion, this in vivo study reveals how Claude Louis-Combet mystifies his readers.

    20.00 €
  2. couverture de l'ouvrage « L’avènement d’un art nouveau » : Essaimage esthétique et spirituel de l’œuvre de Paul Claudel de Pascal Lécroart et Dominique MILLET-GERARD

    « L’avènement d’un art nouveau » : Essaimage esthétique et spirituel de l’œuvre de Paul Claudel

    Pascal LECROART – Dominique MILLET-GERARD (edit. director) – 2021

    The originality of this book is to apprehend the Claudelian work in the diversity of its components - theatre, poetry, critical and exegetical work - around a perspective: that of an new art that upsets the usual frameworks. As a diplomat, he has travelled the universe, from China to the United States, from Brazil to Japan, via Europe, and has also aroused interest in Russia and Poland. Twelve international researchers are here exploring this inexhaustible manna.

    20.00 €
  3. couverture de L'Ecosse, la différence dirigé par Sabrina JUILLET GARZON, Pierre Fournier et Arnaud Fiasson

    L’Écosse, la différence / Scotland, the Difference

    Sabrina JUILLET GARZON – Pierre FOURNIER – Arnaud FIASSON (edit. director) – 2021

    This book questions the perception and reception of the notion of “difference” investigating several areas of the Scottishstudies territory. It studies the changing status of Scotland: a British region, a province of the United Kingdom or a nation by itself.

    20.00 €
  4. couverture de l'ouvrage Formes brèves en littérature de jeunesse de Elodie Bouygues et Yvon Houssais

    Formes brèves en littérature de jeunesse

    Elodie BOUYGUES – Yvon HOUSSAIS (edit. director) – 2020

    The book touches on the question of writing practices and the reading of short forms and analyzes several classics of the 19th and 20th centuries. It also explores the emergence of hybrid forms and the educational usage of short texts in children's literature.

    15.00 €
  5. couverture du livre Edmond Rostand, poète de théâtre

    Edmond Rostand, poète de théâtre

    Bertrand DEGOTT – Olivier GOETZ – Hélène LAPLACE-CLAVERIE (edit. director) – 2020

    Both a poet and a dramatist, Edmond Rostand remains a poorly known artist despite the outstanding success of his play Cyrano de Bergerac. This book sheds light on the diversity of his multifaceted work and explores its many extensions.

    20.00 €
  6. colloque_secret_combet_couverture

    Les Colloques secrets de Claude Louis-Combet

    Aude BONORD – France MARCHAL-NINOSQUE (edit. director) – 2020

    The book brings together studies on Louis-Combet’s inner interrogations with the Other: other times, texts, artists, from Rembrandt to Dado. These inner voices animate his creation, evoking a dialogue of the uncionscious between him and the artist.

    15.00 €
  7. Ouvriers et mouvement ouvrier dans le Doubs de la Première Guerre mondiale au début des années 1950

    Ouvriers et mouvement ouvrier dans le Doubs de la Première Guerre mondiale au début des années 1950

    Claude CUENOT – Xavier VIGNA (preface by) – François LASSUS (maps by) – 2020

    Combining social analysis of the group and mobilization of social class, this synthesis on Doubs department’s labour movement between 1914 and 1950 evokes trade union action and the place of political left in an industrialized and rural environment.

    25.00 €
  8. Tailleur_Inverness_couverture

    Le Tailleur d’Inverness

    Matthew ZAJAC – Danièle Berton-Charrière (ed. and transl. by) – 2020

    Le Tailleur d'Inverness, play, translation and introduction. Biographical, historical and epic account of a Galician Polish tailor who was enlisted during the Second World War. After a long wandering, he settled in Scotland.

    16.00 €
  9. Études sur Marx et sur Hegel

    Études sur Marx et sur Hegel

    Hervé TOUBOUL – 2020

    This book attempts to uncover an underground reading of Hegel in Marx. Marx and Hegel are transformed, until they meet Foucault and Derrida, and the political form of the democratic republic appears as foundation of Socialism.

    14.00 €
  10. Women and Scotland

    Women and Scotland

    Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon (edit. director) – 2020

    Adopting a perspective that is cultural as well as political, the volume focuses on the representation of Scottish women, on public and cultural policies, and on contemporary literature, from Jackie Kay, Janice Galloway Ali Smith, Kathleen Jamie, Agnes Owens to Morna Pearson.

    20.00 €
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