Annales littéraires

Editor: France Marchal-Ninosque (Catherine Chedeau, deputy)

The Annales littéraires collection succeeds the service of the same name created in 1954 at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of the University of Besançon. This collection presents a rich catalogue and is structured in about fifteen series, including four journals, supported by research teams covering largely the humanities and social sciences field.

  1. Études sur Marx et sur Hegel

    Études sur Marx et sur Hegel

    Hervé TOUBOUL – 2020

    This book attempts to uncover an underground reading of Hegel in Marx. Marx and Hegel are transformed, until they meet Foucault and Derrida, and the political form of the democratic republic appears as foundation of Socialism.

    14.00 €
  2. Women and Scotland

    Women and Scotland

    Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon (edit. director) – 2020

    Adopting a perspective that is cultural as well as political, the volume focuses on the representation of Scottish women, on public and cultural policies, and on contemporary literature, from Jackie Kay, Janice Galloway Ali Smith, Kathleen Jamie, Agnes Owens to Morna Pearson.

    20.00 €
  3. Évans, à l’aube du Moyen Âge

    Évans, à l’aube du Moyen Âge

    Nathalie BONVALOT – Françoise PASSARD-URLACHER (edit. director) – Jean TERRIER (preface by) – 2019

    This multi-disciplinary book investigates  two cemeteries, dating from the Merovingian up to the early Carolingian periods. It brings together a variety of studies which emphasize funeral practices, population and  christian expansion.

    40.00 €
  4. Couverture_Anderson-Migeot_Sujet-cause

    Le sujet en cause

    Patrick ANDERSON – François MIGEOT (edit. director) – 2019

    The book is part of the sciences of language and, more particularly , of the didactics of languages and, more broadly, addresses the issuesz conveyed by the dominant discourse when it comes to teaching.

    It brings together philosophical, socio-anthropolocical, psychoanalytic and political points of view, which focus on both didactics and linguistics.

    From an an examination of the Council of europe’s proposals, which go beyond the strictly European framework, the authors question the instrumentalization of language and the disappearance of the subject.

    13.00 €
  5. Linguistique interactionnelle, grammaire de l’oral et didactique du français

    Linguistique interactionnelle, grammaire de l’oral et didactique du français

    Anne-Sophie CALINON – Badreddine HAMMA – Katja PLOOG – Marie SKROVEC (edit. director) – 2019

    L’ouvrage pose différentes questions autour de la norme et des usages à l’oral, et aborde, sous différents angles, les liens entre la didactique et la linguistique. Au fil des contributions, toutes basées sur l’exploitation de corpus oraux, l’ouvrage problématise les enjeux de l’oralité en interaction et de son enseignement, en ciblant en particulier différents objets grammaticaux.

    20.00 €
  6. theatre-musical_couverture

    Théâtre musical (XXe et XXIe siècles)

    Muriel PLANA – Nathalie VINCENT-ARNAUD – Ludovic FLORIN – Frédéric SOUNAC (edit. director) – 2019

    This multi-disciplinary book investigates the aesthetic and political dimensions of music theatre in the 20th and 21st centuries. It brings together a variety of studies which emphasize the main expressive and performative devices and aims of this hybrid artistic form.

    15.00 €
  7. Dedans dehors

    Dedans dehors

    Karolina KATSIKA (edit. director) – 2019

    The book brings together studies that analyze the window, as an object and a symbol, in literature and the arts (painting, photography, theatre, cinema, architecture).

    25.00 €
  8. Crime, Punishment and the Scots

    Crime, Punishment and the Scots

    Jean BERTON – Bill FINDLAY (edit. director) – 2019

    How crime and punishment are defined and managed is central to our shared sense of humanity. And both accountability and fairness are at the heart of our concerns. Although the distinctiveness of the Scots’ relationship to crime and its punishment is well documented the aim of the present study is to analyse it as an aspect of Scottishness. In this modest contribution to research, political decisions, historical facts and cultural metaphors are reviewed from the archetypal character of Mary, Queen of Scots, to vibrant Tartan Noir, thanks to Laidlaw and his peers.

    21.00 €
  9. Formes et dispositions du texte théâtral du symbolisme à aujourd'hui

    Formes et dispositions du texte théâtral du symbolisme à aujourd'hui

    Pascal LÉCROART (edit. director) – 2019

    This collective work examines the ways in which theatre is written from symbolism to the present day. Why do playwrights play on the space of the page? Is the project literary, poetic or dramatic?


    21.00 €
  10. La République jusqu’à la mort

    La République jusqu’à la mort

    Jean-Claude BARBIER – Marc-Olivier BARUCH (preface by) – 2019

    This biography presents the dramatic personal and professional life of Alfred Golliard (1881-1944). Prefect of Jura (1934-1940), a radical dismissed by Vichy, he was an important member of the Cluny Resistance, deported and put to death by gas.

    29.00 €
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