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  1. encyclopedisme_couverture

    Les encyclopédismes en France à l’ère des révolutions (1789-1850)

    Vincent BOURDEAU – Jean-Luc CHAPPEY – Julien VINCENT (edit. director) – 2020

    Between 1789 and 1848, the idea of an encyclopedia took on a considerable scope. Inseparable from the idea of a universal republic, it lies at the heart of a multiplicity of challenges for the reconstruction of post-revolutionary society.

    30.00 €

    21.00 €
  2. MARD_couverture

    Les droits étrangers au secours des modes amiables de règlement des différends (MARD)

    Catherine TIRVAUDEY (edit. director) – 2019

    This book presents experiences of early or well-established Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures in various countries and legal systems in Europe, Asia, Africa and Canada.
    25.00 €
  3. Voyages des cultures et des mémoires dans les arts de la scène

    Voyages des cultures et des mémoires dans les arts de la scène

    Julia PESLIER – Pascal LECROART (edit. director) – 2019

    Crossroads of cultures, memories and the contemporary world, from Latin America to Asia, this issue shows complex and indefinitely reappropriated processes of creation, between tradition and modernity, in the performing arts.

    12.00 €
  4. Des identités

    Des identités

    Daniel LEBAUD – Thierry MARTIN (edit. director) – 2019


    The notion of identity, mobilized in various discourses, coming from different disciplinary domains (philosophy, linguistics, politics, etc.), receives multiple meanings, often confused or equivocal, sometimes polemical and contradictory. The purpose of this issue is to bring together a set of multidisciplinary reflections on the various meanings of this notion or the language units that aim to say it, the uses that give it meaning, the functions that it makes it play, in ranging from personal identity to social identity, from the identity received to that claimed, from ways of saying identity to difficulties and pathologies of identification.


    10.00 €
  5. Semen 46

    Semen 46

    Isabelle HURÉ – Guillaume LE SAULNIER – Michaël MEYER (edit. coord.) – 2019

    This volume deals with the discourses of penal institutions as they appear in digital media. Its purpose is to assess their content, their mechanisms and the circumstances of their emergence, as well as the counter-discourses about their action.

    18.50 €
  6. Couverture_Anderson-Migeot_Sujet-cause

    Le sujet en cause

    Patrick ANDERSON – François MIGEOT (edit. director) – 2019

    The book is part of the sciences of language and, more particularly , of the didactics of languages and, more broadly, addresses the issuesz conveyed by the dominant discourse when it comes to teaching.

    It brings together philosophical, socio-anthropolocical, psychoanalytic and political points of view, which focus on both didactics and linguistics.

    From an an examination of the Council of europe’s proposals, which go beyond the strictly European framework, the authors question the instrumentalization of language and the disappearance of the subject.

    13.00 €
  7. Libertaire ! Essais sur l’écriture, la pensée et la vie de Joseph Déjacque (1821-1865)

    Libertaire ! Essais sur l’écriture, la pensée et la vie de Joseph Déjacque (1821-1865)

    Thomas BOUCHET – Patrick SAMZUN (edit. director) – 2019

    Joseph Déjacque (1821-1865) invented the word "libertarian". Based on his writings (several of which have never been published before), this book sheds light on and puts into perspective his revolutionary and poetic, anti-authoritarian, feminist and anti-slavery journey on both sides of the Atlantic.

    26.00 €
  8. Des mots et des maths

    Des mots et des maths

    Danielle RUELLAND-ROGER – 2019

    The book presents an analysis of work that provokes, in teachers, surprises and affects, invites to professional controversies that build new resources to think and face trade problems.

    12.00 €
  9. Linguistique interactionnelle, grammaire de l’oral et didactique du français

    Linguistique interactionnelle, grammaire de l’oral et didactique du français

    Anne-Sophie CALINON – Badreddine HAMMA – Katja PLOOG – Marie SKROVEC (edit. director) – 2019

    L’ouvrage pose différentes questions autour de la norme et des usages à l’oral, et aborde, sous différents angles, les liens entre la didactique et la linguistique. Au fil des contributions, toutes basées sur l’exploitation de corpus oraux, l’ouvrage problématise les enjeux de l’oralité en interaction et de son enseignement, en ciblant en particulier différents objets grammaticaux.

    20.00 €
  10. Dialogues d’histoire ancienne 45/1

    Dialogues d’histoire ancienne 45/1

    COLLECTIF – 2019

    The journal is aimed at an informed public in the field of classical studies. This biannual international multilingual journal includes scholarly articles, chronicles, book reviews, brief notes, abstracts, and keywords. It issues two or three yearly supplements.

    40.00 €
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