couverture de Bernard-Joseph Saurin. Spartacus, tragédie

Bernard-Joseph Saurin. Spartacus, tragédie


2022 – ISBN : 978-2-84867-907-5 – 161 pages – book size : 15x21 cm

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This critical edition of the first tragedy in France devoted to the character of Spartacus places Bernard-Joseph Saurin in the intellectual milieu of the Encyclopedists. His tragedy of 1760, reworked in 1769, offers itself a "public school of morals", fully subscribing to the ideological and artistic program of the Enlightenment. The betrayals made by Saurin on the historic Spartacus are to be placed in the history of the construction of the national identity carried by the Third State on the horizon of the Seven Years' War. They are part of the invention of the great man made in the 18th century, notably in the post-Voltairean “philosophical propaganda” tragedies.


1. Saurin, commensal de d’Helvétius

2. L’histoire éditoriale de Spartacus

3. Travestissement ou trahison de l’Histoire ?

4. Une pièce charnière dans l’histoire du roman national

5. Une réception chaotique

6. L’ « école publique de morale »

7. Le destin politique de Spartacus


Spartacus, tragédie, dernière version revue du vivant de l’auteur, édition avec apparat critique et numérotation

préface (1769)

acte I

acte II

acte III

acte IV

acte V



Spartacus, tragédie, version originelle de 1760, non numérotée

Bio-bibliographie de Saurin

Bibliographie critique

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France Marchal-Ninosque is universitary teacher of modern and contemporary French literature at University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, specialist in dramatic poetics in the eighteenth century. She makes this post-Voltairean tragedy a political and social reading.
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