Carole Widmaier – Michaël Crevoisier (edit. coord.)

2024 – ISBN : 978-2-84867-996-9 – 101 pages – book size : 15x21 cm

Revue : Philosophique

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This issue of Philosophique is dedicated to the theme of imagination, the subject of the external aggregation competition in philosophy.Immanuel Kant emerges as the focal point of the four articles, exploring the question of the creative dimension of imagination. The richness and relevance of this theme are evident in its reexamination and deepening by Baudelaire, its fertility in questioning the idea of "artificial imagination" attributed to generative AIs, and its limitations from the perspective of Wittgenstein's philosophy.

This edition also includes the Bulletin bibliographique de philosophie politique et sociale, where nearly fifty recently published works are thematically reviewed.



L'imagination est-elle vraiment la reine des facultés ? Baudelaire entre Kant et Nietzsche

Philippe Choulet


L'imagination artificielle est-elle créatrice ?

Michaël Crevoisier


L’imagination et l’infini. Une critique de l’imagination artificielle (traduit par Sarah Hannah Collet)

Yuk Hui


Usages et légitimité de l’imagination créatrice en philosophie : une lecture de Martha Nussbaum et Cora Diamond

Cedric Mouriès


Bulletin bibliographique de philosophie politique et sociale (coordination Fabien Ferri et Caroline Guibet Lafaye)

Recensions de Caroline Guibet Lafaye, Céline Marty, Emmanuel Picavet, Bernard Reber, Cédric Rio, Camille Ternier

Author (s)
Carole Widmaier (edit. coord.)
Michaël Crevoisier (edit. coord.)
Carole Widmaier and Michaël Crevoisier are Senior Lecturers, members of the Logiques de l’Agir laboratory (UR 2274, UBFC). Like them, the authors are specialists in general philosophy.
Teachers, university lecturers and researchers in philosophy, PhD and advanced students.
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