International Symposium on Data and Sense Mining Machine Translation and Controlled Languages, and their application to emergencies and safety critical domains

Sylviane CARDEY (dir.)

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Some controlled languages already take into account machine translation but they have not yet been linked to research done in the field of sense mining. In the field of controlled languages the objective is to eliminate as much ambiguity as possible. In contrast, in the field of sense mining, the objective is to identify the important elements amongst large amounts of texts (sometimes even badly structured texts), in order to extract their meaning. Machine translation quality is governed and aided by minimising the representation of utterances. In consequence, the combination of these approaches could be of considerable use in creating new machine translation theories. The combination of controlled languages and machine translation is certainly not new, but there is still much work to be done. Other combinations are deemed to be of interest too and it certainly seems to be the case that the separate disciplines can profit from their mutual interrelation.




Symposium Committees


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Keynote Papers


Functional Linguistic Models: A Step Forward in the Study of Man

Igor Mel’čuk


Natural Language Processing in the Internet Age

Makoto Nagao


Multiple Uses of Machine Translation and Computerised Translation Tools

John Hutchins


Natural Sublanguages, Controlled Languages, Translation and Generation

Richard Kittredge


Research Papers

Approaches to Ontology Development by Non Ontology Experts

Guadalupe Aguado de Cea, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa


Disambiguation of Focus Adverbs in Portuguese and Spanish

Jorge Baptista, Dolors Català


French to Arabic Machine Translation: Isomorphic Syntax, Use of Terminal Sequences

Mohand Beddar


Remarks about Linguistic Analysis, Normalization and Translation of Spanish “What to Do in Case of Fire” Texts

Xavier Blanco


Controlled Languages and Machine Translation

Krzysztof Bogacki


Recognising Acronyms in the Context of Safety Critical Technical Documents

Sylviane Cardey, Dilber DeVitre, Peter Greenfield, Laurent Spaggiari


Remarks Concerning Writing Texts in Controlled Polish

Joanna Cholewa


Achieving a Better Machine Translation from French to English via a Controlled Language

Tessa Cornally


ABOP, Automatic Optimization of Patient Information Leaflets

Isabelle Delaere, Véronique Hoste,Claudia Peersman, Leona Van Vaerenbergh, Peter Velaert


English/Veneto Resource Poor Machine Translation with STILVEN

Rodolfo Delmonte, Antonella Bristot, Sara Tonelli, Emanuele Pianta


Construction and Application of Indexes for Medical Record Classification

Marianna Demenkova, Angels Catena


The Data Excellence Framework to Improve Global Safety and Security

Walid ElAbed


Syntactic Problems in French-Russian Machine Translation of Periodicals

Ekaterina Ershova


Translating Composite Sentences in Azerbaijani-English MT System

Rauf Fatullayev, Sevinc Mammadova, Abulfat Fatullayev


Part-of-Speech Tagging for Amharic

Binyam Gebrekidan


Annotation of Terminology from Protocols in Polish Controlled Language

Ewa Gwiazdecka


Diagnosis and Management of an Aphasic Patient in Emergencies (Trauma of war, Natural or Environmental disasters, etc.)

Armelle Jacquet-Andrieu


From Controlled Language to Controlled Expression

Nicolas Jaujou, Laurent Spaggiari, Emmanuelle Cannesson, Florence Beaujard


Some Problems in a French-Chinese Machine Translation System

Gan Jin


A Linguistic Approach to the Treatment of Grammatical Functions of the Relative Pronoun“ที่” in Thai

Wannachai Kampeera


Researches on Localization and Restricted Language by NICT, Japan and its Thai Computational Linguistics Laboratory

Kyoko Kanzakaki, Hitoshi Isahara


Towards an Extension of a Part of Speech Tagger (Labelgram) as a Syntactic Parser Based on Tesnière’s Structural Syntax

Mathias Lambert


French-Vietnamese Noun Phrase Translation

Sinh Le Thi


Model of an Electronic Dictionary of Research of Terms by Criteria in the French Language

Thierry Lecolinet


Generating Collocation Exercises for Chinese Learners of English

Fang Li


Cognitive Models of Yesterday and Today in Machine Translation and their Implication for Controlled Languages

Henri Madec


Data Mining in Safety and Security Critical Domains

Ziad Mikati


Abduction Alerts in Greek and Spanish

Eleni Papadopoulou, Marcel Puig Portella


Grammatical and Lexical Errors Analysis of English-Vietnamese Translation Texts with the Google & EVTRAN Engines and Post-editing Tasks

Thao Phan Thi Thanh


Treatment of the Imperative Forms in the Machine Translation between Catalan, Spanish and Greek

Marcel Puig Portella, Eleni Papadopoulou


Identifying Frequent Word Associations for Extracting Specific Product Features from Customer Reviews

Ashequl Qadir


A Comparative Study of Spanish Zero Pronoun Distribution

Luz Rello, Iustina Ilisei


Controlled Languages: a Scientific Popularization Through the Example of the Controlled Language "LiSe"

Julie Renahy


“Compagnon LiSe”: A Collaborative Controlled Language Writing Assistant

Julie Renahy, Izabella Thomas


Polish Controlled Language and Its Machine Translation into French

Zuzanna Rudas


The Use of Sense Mining to Process Emails Automatically

Jorge Salgado


Scenario Identification for Monitoring Human-machine Communication

Ibrahim Soumana


Towards a Controlled Language in Crisis Management: The Case of Bulgarian

Irina Temnikova, Ruslana Margova


Postediting Experiments with MT for a Controlled Language

Irina Temnikova, Constantin Orasan


Research into the Practicality of Machine Translation of Administrative Documents

Yi-Jung Tsai


Controlled Language: a Linguistic Concept to Improve Health Care Safety in a “Globalized” World? Application to Medical Protocols Written Within the Hospital Accreditation/Certification Framework in France and China

Dominique A. Vuitton, Adila Aishan, Julie Renahy, Gan Jin, Wu XiaoHong, Valérie de Grivel, Sylviane Cardey


Building a Linguistic Database for Chinese Interrogative Sentences

Xiaohong Wu


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