NLP and the new issues of knowledge expressions on the web

Henri MADEC – Centre Lucien Tesnière – Université de Franche Comté (dir.)

2011 – ISBN : 978-2-84867-405-6 – 282 pages – format : 16x22 cm

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What can be the future of the web? This question leads us to wonder how this new field will change the knowledge system in the world and what role is foreseen for NLP in the web 3, 4 and 5, ie the Internet to come. It is true that the web for many people means doubts. The treatment of information is very superficial. It is important for everybody to know who is who and who said what, who really does what. We must bring common sense and reason on the Net... We must take into account the specificity of each domain. All fields are concerned, but some very deeply: medicine, sciences such as chemistry, commerce, oil and energy, for instance... Exchanges between researchers have become the rule, the results


Henri Madec


New knowledge expression on the web

Hanane Mahjoubi


Time processing on the Internet

Henri Madec


The DEFT text challenge

Jean-Baptiste Berthelin


Language analysis and knowledge modelling for automatic processing of incoming email: toward a competitive intelligence system in the field of air tourism

Marion Barbé


Terminology ontologies and NLP in the oil domain

Sultan Al Jazzar


The contributions of natural language processing and knowledge management to e-health

Pascale Etchebes


Using ontologies to improve the detection and categorization of evaluative segments in texts: the case of corporate reputation

Mathias Lambert, Philippe Laublet


Building ontologies for web data mining

Nadhir Jerbi


Arabic learning difficulties and web solutions

Mona Al Wohaib


Platforms of multiapplication e-learning

Shatha Alhoti


From theory to practice: the establishment of French syntax e-learning system

Yu-Ann Lee


The Internet and linguistic instability in Algeria

Ali Sassane


Inventory of the SMS language, nowadays has it a harmfull influence on the French language

Thierry Lecolinet


Can the Internet promote plurilingual competence?

Maria Teresa Wlosowicz


Some translation issues: the case of Arabic and natural language processing

Farouk Bouhadiba, Djamel Zinai


Trends in the treatment of knowledge

Catherine Madec

Henri MADEC (dir.)
Centre Lucien Tesnière (dir.)
Université de Franche Comté (dir.)
Les auteurs sont des enseignants et des chercheurs du Centre Tesnière, d'universités françaises et étrangères, de centres de recherches partout dans le monde. Ils sont de civilisations diverses : européenne, arabe, chinoise…
Enseignants et chercheurs TAL, chercheurs en sciences du langage, ingénieurs informaticiens, Linguistes, Ingénieurs connaissance (E-leaning), chercheurs en sciences cognitives, spécialistes des nouvelles technologies, journalistes.
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