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  1. Crime, Punishment and the Scots

    Crime, Punishment and the Scots

    Jean BERTON – Bill FINDLAY (edit. director) – 2019

    How crime and punishment are defined and managed is central to our shared sense of humanity. And both accountability and fairness are at the heart of our concerns. Although the distinctiveness of the Scots’ relationship to crime and its punishment is well documented the aim of the present study is to analyse it as an aspect of Scottishness. In this modest contribution to research, political decisions, historical facts and cultural metaphors are reviewed from the archetypal character of Mary, Queen of Scots, to vibrant Tartan Noir, thanks to Laidlaw and his peers.

    21.00 €
  2. Environmental and Ecological Readings

    Environmental and Ecological Readings

    Philippe LAPLACE (ed.) – 2015

    This volume features seventeen articles devoted to Scottish authors and artists, from 18th c. travel writers to contemporary authors. The essays consider Nature and the environment. They show how these concepts have affected Scottish literature.

    16.00 €
  3. The Production and Dissemination of Knowledge in Scotland

    The Production and Dissemination of Knowledge in Scotland

    Lesley GRAHAM (edit. director) – 2017

    This volume aims to show some small part of the breadth of knowledge created in Scotland and disseminated in and outwith the country. This broad field of interest echoes the wider range of subjects traditionally taught in Scottish schools.

    14.00 €
  4. Women and Scotland

    Women and Scotland

    Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon (edit. director) – 2020

    Adopting a perspective that is cultural as well as political, the volume focuses on the representation of Scottish women, on public and cultural policies, and on contemporary literature, from Jackie Kay, Janice Galloway Ali Smith, Kathleen Jamie, Agnes Owens to Morna Pearson.

    20.00 €