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  1. La formation d’une opinion démocratique

    La formation d’une opinion démocratique

    Pierre MERLIN – 2018

    Based on little-studied archives, this book recounts the living history of democratic learning in Jura from the revolution of 1848 – and the repression it caused – until the end of the 19th century.

    25.00 €
  2. encyclopedisme_couverture

    Les encyclopédismes en France à l’ère des révolutions (1789-1850)

    Vincent BOURDEAU – Jean-Luc CHAPPEY – Julien VINCENT (edit. director) – 2020

    Between 1789 and 1848, the idea of an encyclopedia took on a considerable scope. Inseparable from the idea of a universal republic, it lies at the heart of a multiplicity of challenges for the reconstruction of post-revolutionary society.

    30.00 €