Freedom as Resistance in Scotland

Freedom as Resistance in Scotland

Jean BERTON – Sabrina JUILLET GARZÓN (edit. director)

2022 – ISBN : 978-2-84867-934-1 – 155 pages – book size : 15x21 cm

Collection : Annales littéraires

Serie : Caledonia. Insights into Scotland

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Echoing the reputed characteristics of their national emblems, the attractiveness of flower of the thistle, the strength of the wild cat, the fearlessness of the unicorn, and their cautionary motto Nemo me impune lacessit, the Scots frequently call on their spirit of resistance. 

This volume explores Scotland’s culture of resistance through history and as expressed in political and social manners, in literature and drama, and in the media. It proposes ten perspectives dealing with the double concepts of Scottish national expressions of freedom and dissent as a way of upholding Scottishness within the British and European contexts, from the Middle Ages to today.


Resistance, a Hallmark of Scottishness


Landscaping supremacy. An account on the Representation of Scotland in French Medieval Sources

Guezais, Clément


Scotland in Europe and Europe in Scotland. Translation, Internationalism and Creative Adaptation at the Court of James VI 

Steenson, Allison L.


Securing Religious Freedom: the Resistance of the Churches in Scotland between 1688 and 1693

Juillet-garzón, Sabrina



Freedom as Resistance in languages and arts


Writing in Scots as an Act of Resistance: Examples from Scottish Poetry

Kaličanin, Milena


Dissension through Poetry: the Troublemakars

Ferrere, Christelle


Mythopoe(t)ic Dramatic Figuration of Jacobite Dissenters by François Édouard Joachim Coppée; or the Art of Dissenting

Berton-charriere, Danièle



Representation and expressions of the concept of Freedom as Resistance in domestic and international politics »


Freefrom the Demon Drink: Labour and Temperance, 1830-1930

Civardi, Christian


The Marketing of Dissent? VisitScotland’s Empowerment of the Scots

Brancaz-mccartan, Lauren


Scotland’s Recent Immigration Strategies: Diverging Local Responses within a British Framework

El fekih said, Wafa


Aspects of the Wallace Syndrome of Dissenting

Berton, Jean

Author (s)
Jean BERTON (edit. director)
Jean Berton’s field of research is Scotland’s culture and native languages. He favours interdisciplinary approaches, and has published translations.
Sabrina JUILLET GARZÓN (edit. director)
Sabrina Juillet Garzón is a specialist of Scottish modern history. Her research focuses particularly on the ways Scotland imposed herself using her cultural and religious specificities in Great Britain and Europe.
Students and academics & anyone interested in Scotland and its culture: history, literature, art...
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Ouvrage publié avec le soutien du laboratoire PLEIADE (UR 7338), Université Sorbonne Paris Nord