couverture de l'ouvrage La place des femmes dans l'espace public. Grande-Bretagne, Irlande et son Empire

La place des femmes dans l’espace public (1800-1939)

Grande-Bretagne, Irlande, Empire

Patrice BOUCHE – Shirley DOULIÈRE – Margaret GILLESPIE (edit. director)

2021 – ISBN : 978-2-84867-867-2 – 200 pages – book size : 15x21 cm

Collection : Annales littéraires

Serie : Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research

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"The Angel in the House" is the image most commonly retained of British women in the nineteenth century. This reductive and repressive ideal, emerging from values propagated by the literary, religious, medical political discourses of the time, still persists today in the collective unconscious, even if the model has increasingly been questioned by researchers in the humanities. This volume aims to pursue this still neglected area, bringing the Victorian and Edwardian woman further out of her "cloister" or "sphere", and exploring the destinies of those women who occupied the public space in Great Britain and its empire.



Patrice Bouche, Shirley Doulière et Margaret Gillespie


1. My girls go out into the world to make happy homes': Charlotte Cowdroy's views on female education

Florence Binard

2 The Eagle in the House: Florence Nightingale's quest for a worthwhile female occupation

Catherine Heyrendt-Sherman

3. Les femmes de l’ombre dans l’espace public : l’Angleterre victorienne face à la prostitution féminine

Lilia Androsenko

4. Daughters of the Nation?  Máire Nic Chearbaill and the Girls of Young Ireland

Elena Ogliari

5. Women Journalists in Britain 1800-1830: the Discussion of the Rights of Women in Mary Margaret Busk and Maria Jane Jewsbury’s Articles and Reviews

Antonella Braida

6. Passer le détroit pour être peintre. Les femmes artistes britanniques en France (1900 1939)

Julie Lageyre

7. Barbara Tyrrell (1912-2015) ou le destin extraordinaire d’une femme dans l’Afrique du Sud. Entre tradition et transmission

Patricia Crouan-Véron

8. Words, not deeds: Rebecca West and the literary “fight for a place in the sun.” Reading “Indissoluble Matrimony” (1914) with early journalism

Margaret Gillespie

9. Petticoat petitioners » : affirmation et contestation du pétitionnement féminin au Royaume-Uni dans la première moitié du xixe siècle

Benoît Agnès

10.  “We break windows, we burn things”! : Les suffragettes (Sarah Gavron, 2015) et la réappropriation de l’espace public par le biopic féminin

Yvelin Ducotey


Author (s)
Patrice BOUCHE (edit. director)
Shirley DOULIÈRE (edit. director)
Margaret GILLESPIE (edit. director)
Shirley Doulière, Margaret Gillespie and Patrice Bouche are teachers in English studies at the Universities of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Haute-Alsace and members of the CRIT (Centre for interdisciplinary and transcultural research). Their researchs focuse on British Studies, in particular female explorers in the Victorian era, particular the work of the women modernists, early 19th-century liberal and proto-socialist discourse analysis.
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Support (s)
Centre de Recherches Interculturelles et Transdisciplinaires (CRIT, EA 3224)
SAGEF (Société des anglicistes sur les femmes, le sexe et le genre)