Le Tailleur d’Inverness

Matthew ZAJAC
Danièle Berton-Charrière (ed. and transl. by)

2020 – ISBN : 978-2-84867-769-9 – 139 pages – book size : 15x21 cm

e-ISBN : 9782848678764

Collection : Annales littéraires

Serie : Caledonia. Insights into Scotland

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The journey of Mateusz Zajac, born in Galicia (Poland) in 1919, where he lived until his mobilization during the Second World War, has the appearance of a Homeric epic. Due to the complex geopolitical historical context, like many of his fellow human beings, the young man is uprooted and thrown on the roads to fight under different flags, in armies of different nations, according to the victories and defeats that are remodelling this part of Eastern Europe. Survival is heroic. In The Tailor of Inverness, the pride and love of his son Matthew, a modest author, emerge at every turn of a dramatic and theatrical story where the unimaginable is experienced.


– Introduction, Danièle Berton-Charrière

• L'histoire d'un texte en contexte

• L'histoire d'une traduction

The Tailor of Inverness / Le Tailleur d'Inverness

Author (s)
Matthew ZAJAC
Matthew Zajac Zajac is a contemporary Scottish author born in Inverness who has also worked on scriptwriting for British radio and television. He is currently Artistic Director of the Dogstar Theatre Company. His play, The Tailor of Inverness has been performed in many countries and was awarded the Best Actor Award at the Critics’ Award in Scotland in 2009.
Danièle Berton-Charrière (ed. and transl. by)
Students and teachers in English; students and drama teachers; people interested in migration issues in Europe; Historians of the Second World War.
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