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  1. role_juge_mard_couverture

    Le rôle du juge en matière de MARD/PRD. Regards croisés Québec, Suisse, Belgique, France

    Catherine TIRVAUDEY (edit. director) – 2021

    This publication deals with the way ARD (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is perceived and used by jurisdictions in France, Canada (Québec), Belgium, and Switzerland, more particularly how this choice made by the judge alters his task and how the judge may technically implement it.

    20.00 €
  2. MARD_couverture

    Les droits étrangers au secours des modes amiables de règlement des différends (MARD)

    Catherine TIRVAUDEY (edit. director) – 2019

    This book presents experiences of early or well-established Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures in various countries and legal systems in Europe, Asia, Africa and Canada.
    25.00 €