Victorine Miller. L’Oncle curé. Comédie

Victorine Miller. L’Oncle curé. Comédie

Les « tournées Ambreville-Nélès »


2023 – ISBN : 978-2-84867-955-6 – 166 pages – book size : 15x21 cm

Collection : Annales littéraires

Serie : Édition de texte

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By exhuming a text that is difficult to access, L'Oncle curé by Victorine Miller, premiered at the Théâtre du Parc in Brussels at the close of the 1913-1914 season, this edition hopes to give it the destiny of The Marriage of Mademoiselle Beulemans, resounding success of the same decade. The two comedies were interpreted in particular by Ambreville and Nélès known for mastering the zwanze to perfection. Our edition retraces on this occasion the careers of these two actors from Brussels, allowing, with archival documents in support, to complete the data on Ambreville and to discover those on Nélès, snatching them from oblivion in which posterity often holds comic actors.



carrière de Nicolas Ambreville

carrière d’Émile Nélès

L’Oncle curé

L’Oncle curé de Victorine Miller

Acte I

Acte II

Acte III


Annexe 1

Annexe 2

Annexe 3


Index operum

Index nominum

Index des Théâtres

Author (s)
France Marchal-Ninosque is a professor at the University of Franche-Comté, specializing in particular in theatrical poetics. This edition of the text and its illustrations are linked to the “Emile Nélès” archive collection online on the UFC Fanum platform and on Nakala (TGR Humanum).
This edition of one of the last comedies of the Brussels Belle Époque is embellished with a biography of the two actors who carried it on tours in Belgium and Holland, Nicolas Ambreville and Émile Nélès. It will be of particular interest theater lovers because of unpublished archive documents.
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