Institut des sciences et techniques de l'Antiquité (ISTA)

Editor: Antonio Gonzales

The Institut des sciences et techniques de l'Antiquité (ISTA) has created its own multithematic collection (slavery and dependence, religions, technology, cultures and societies, philology, literature, archeology) reflecting its research orientations. The collection publishes and disseminates work by French and international scholars. Its editorial board includes the director of the research unit, the coordinators of each field of research, and the editorial coordinator. Books proposed for publication are reviewed by the committee and sent to a minimum of two experts for scholarly peer review.  

  1. The Present of Antiquity

    The Present of Antiquity

    Fernando LOZANO – Alfonso ÁLVAREZ-OSSORIO – Carmen ALARCON (ed.) – 2019

    The aim of this book is to reflect on the presence of Antiquity on contemporary popular culture from a broad perspective in which both the most studied genres, such as films, comics and historical novels, and other lesser known ones, like fantasy and science fiction novels, and war and role games, have a place.

    49.00 €
  2. Couverture-INDEX-Antiphon

    Index thématique de l’esclavage : Antiphon

    Domingo PLACIDO SUAREZ – 2019

    The work of this Attic orator is essential to understand how in the political, judicial and philosophical debates the question of slavery was a central element in the designation of civic issues.

    16.00 €
  3. ISTA_deploiement-sens_couverture

    Le déploiement du sens : actualité des commentaires anciens à la poésie grecque

    Sylvie DAVID – Cécile DAUDE – Claire MUCKENSTURM-POULLE (ed.) – 2019

    A study of reformulations by commentators with a view to making the poetic text more up to date, rendering it more accessible, and disseminating it; an analysis of the meaning-producing role of translation and rewriting.

    30.00 €
  4. Tra le rive del Mediterraneo: relazioni diplomatiche, propaganda e egemonia politica nella Sicilia antica

    Tra le rive del Mediterraneo: relazioni diplomatiche, propaganda e egemonia politica nella Sicilia antica

    Antonio GONZALES – Maria Teresa SCHETTINO (edit. director) – 2019

    Ce volume, consacré à la Sicile antique, s’intéresse aux enjeux diplomatiques et politiques entre Sicéliotes, Italiotes et Romains, jusqu’à la deuxième guerre punique.

    16.00 €
  5. Colonne du temple extra-urbain d’Héra au Cap Lacinium_couverture-montel

    La question de l’espace au IVe siècle avant J.-C. dans les mondes grec et étrusco-italique : continuités, ruptures, reprises

    Sophie MONTEL – Airton POLLINI (edit. director) – 2018

    This collective volume focuses on the question of space in the fourth century BC. The different spaces of the Greek city are considered, their history, their functions, but also the figurative representations found in the Greek and Etruscan-Italic worlds.

    30.00 €
  6. GIREA 37_couverture

    Hermenéutica de la esclavitud

    Ricardo MARTÍNEZ LACY (edit. coord.) – 2018

    This volume which includes communications which were presented during the XXXVIIth international colloquium of the GIREA contains new proposals for the understanding of the slavery so old as modern.

    35.00 €
  7. Couverture GIREA 36

    Lo viejo y lo nuevo en las sociedades antiguas: homenaje a Alberto Prieto

    Jordi CORTADELLA – Oriol OLESTI VILA – César SIERRA MARTÍN (edit. coord.) – 2018

    Under the title “Lo viejo y lo nuevo en las sociedades antiguas: homenaje a Alberto Prieto”, took place at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (12-13 December 2013) the XXXVIth International Symposium of the Research Group on Slavery in Antiquity.

    45.00 €
  8. Appunti di tattica

    Appunti di tattica

    Immacolata ERAMO (ed. and transl. by) – John HALDON (preface by) – 2018

    In the first third of the seventh century, during the reign of Heraclius, an anonymous officer of the Eastern Roman Empire wrote notes for his cavalry contingent, inspired by the Strategicon of Mauritius, and probably using an instruction manual. This book is unique in its kind, because it is not a systematic manual, but a true collection of tactical notes. The text is proposed in a new critical edition, translated and commented for the first time.

    22.00 €
  9. Les sons du pouvoir des autres

    Les sons du pouvoir des autres

    Antonio GONZALES – Maria Teresa SCHETTINO (edit. director) – 2017

    Ce volume s’inscrit dans le cadre des nouvelles pistes méthodologiques sur l’étude de l’altérité et se propose d’analyser les implications politiques et sociales des manifestations sonores.

    19.00 €
  10. Cinquantenaire de la SoPHAU 1966-2016

    Cinquantenaire de la SoPHAU 1966-2016

    SoPHAU (ed.) – 2017

    La Société des Professeurs d’Histoire Ancienne de l’Université (SoPHAU) présente un bilan de son action depuis sa création en 1966, avec des bilans historiographiques (Grèce, Rome, Proche-Orient) et une réflexion sur ses perspectives d’avenir.


     Réservé aux membres de la Sophau à jour de leur cotisation.

    0.00 €
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