HiMA : revue internationale d'histoire militaire ancienne

Editor: Giusto Traina  et Jean-Christophe Couvenhes

Website : www.orient-mediterranee.com

The Revue internationale d’Histoire Militaire Ancienne (HiMA) aims at providing everyone interested in ancient military history – teachers, scholars, academics, students, and a wider cultivated audience  – with the opportunity to follow the most recent research in the field of military history, war, and societies in the ancient world. Its primary focus is the Mediterranean World in its entirety (Near-East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, late antiquity), but it is open to other contexts, such as China and Central Asia, especially from a comparative perspective. Its interests also encompass “ancient military thought” and its posthumous influence in the modern era.
Its hope is to deal with military history in all its aspects: not only specifically technical issues such as strategy and tactics, logistics, and armament, but also economics and the law, social and institutional history, as well as event-driven history, based on military and diplomatic activities, and still often derided as “battle history.” Indeed, war is not just the history of battles: it is deeply rooted in the structures of societies, where it stands with the rule rather than the exception, as the ancients were well aware.

An international, plurilingual journal, HiMA is published once a year and comprises articles, chronicles, and full-length and brief reviews. In  addition, it regularly issues thematic supplements.

  1. Revue internationale d’Histoire Militaire Ancienne – HiMA 7, 2018

    Revue internationale d’Histoire Militaire Ancienne – HiMA 7, 2018

    COLLECTIF – 2019

    The international journal HiMA is aimed at an informed public –scholars– in the field of Military History, War and Societies in the ancient worlds (Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Late Antiquity). This annual international multilingual journal includes scholarly articles, chronicles, book reviews, brief notes, abstracts, and keywords. It issues two or three yearly supplements.

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