Hera’s peacock

Journal editors: Laurence Le Diagon

Hera’s Peacock is an international thematic interdisciplinary journal.

What’s in a name?

In Greek mythology Hera sent Argus, the giant with a hundred eyes, to watch over her unfaithful husband Zeus, who was enamoured of Io. To recover his freedom of action, the king of the gods commanded Hermes to slay the giant. Thwarted, Hera transferred Argus’s eyes to the peacock, her favourite animal. This hundred-eyed peacock captures the ambition of the journal—to convey multiple points of view of one subject.

  1. Le Paon d'Héra / Hera's Peacock n°11

    Le Paon d'Héra / Hera's Peacock n°11

    Florence FIX – Laurence LE DIAGON-JACQUIN (edit. director) – Emile WENNEKES (preface by) – 2018

    This eleventh number devoted to the rewritings of King Shakespearean Lear suggests questioning links of the sovereign with the power, with the paternal love, with the old age; in this multiple portrait, the music occupies a special place so much the fallen king inspired numerous artists.


    20.00 €