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  1. couverture de la revue Cahiers du théâtre antique n°4

    Cahiers du théâtre antique n° 4 – Cahiers du GITA nouvelle série 22

    Agnès LAFONT – Marie-Pierre NOËL – Pierre PONTIER (edit. director) – 2021

    In Qu’est-ce que la mythologie grecque, C. Calame notes the infinite richness of mythical narratives, which each generation endlessly recreates. Our volume studies the modalities of this recreation, from antiquity to the French and English 17th century.

    35.00 €
  2. couverture de l'ouvrage Penser et dire la ruse de guerre de l'Antiquité à la Renaissance de Michel PRETALLI

    Penser et dire la ruse de guerre de l’Antiquité à la Renaissance

    Michel PRETALLI (edit. director) – 2021

    The ruse of war represents a polymorphic object of study which has nourished a millennial textual tradition: it is through the prism of discourse and according to a multidisciplinary approach that we have chosen to study it, from Antiquity to the Renaissance.

    18.00 €